Credit Audit

Everyone’s financial situation doesn’t always require credit restoration. It is, however, vital to audit your credit reports before applying for credit. When we conduct the credit audit, we see the same information your potential creditors will be reviewing and analyze your accounts reporting the same way they would when determining if they will grant you credit. Getting a credit audit will give you a chance to correct any errors or make other moves to improve your credit score before applying.



Next, we analyze all of the accounts reporting on your credit report, determine which accounts are damaging your credit score the least and the most, and identify the accounts creditors can or can no longer sue you for based on the laws and statutes of limitation.



Once you are enrolled, we conduct an in-depth, line-by-line Credit Analysis of your three-bureau credit reports, including all accounts, balances, utilization, credit mix, debts, and factors impacting your credit scores. We then develop a fully customized plan based on the credit file that puts you on track to reaching your credit and financial goals. We send you a complete breakdown of the Credit Analysis and Action Plan and discuss this in detail during your New Client Credit Discovery Call.



Then, we review your credit reports for accounts reporting as past due, as well as assess your overall use of available credit and utilization to put you in the best position to get approved.



Finally, we develop a customized plan specific to your credit file by applying the audit information and incorporating it into your personalized credit restoration program.

The credit audit also comes with a wealth of information and education on building or rebuilding positive credit, contact information to our premier partners, and the exact tools to increase our client’s scores. This education is designed to help you build a healthy credit file so that you can begin receiving the financial respect you deserve.

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